Little Egret Cover
Little Egret Cover

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A Little About Me

I am an amateur photographer from the East Coast of Yorkshire, England, where I do most of my photography but I have started to travel further a field. Some of my images have being published in Fily Bay Today magazine My first camera was a small 110mm film camera that I got when I was about 8 years old, I think my love of photography started there. As I got older my cameras got slowly better moving up to 35mm film camera when I was in my teens, but I was still taking pictures of anything and everything. It wasn't until much later ( in my 20's) that I got my first digital camera and slowly got more into taking photographs, Though I still wasn't thinking about my subjects or compositions.​ About 4 years ago I found that I had a passion for bird and wildlife photography, so I started to concentrate on that more than anything else. with occasionally a little landscape as well. I am mainly self-taught getting bits of information from magazines and friends who also have a passion for photography.


Head over to my new YouTube Wildlife Photography Channel! Here is my introduction video where I talk about what I plan to do and how long I have been doing photography for and what my plans are. This is just a small vlog to introduce myself.

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