About Me


About Me

Hi, I’m Steve Verity and I’m a wildlife photographer. I love being able to capture the beauty of nature in my photos – from majestic birds to tiny insects. It’s a privilege to be able to witness these amazing creatures and share it with others.

I also run workshops and courses for those who want to learn more about wildlife photography. Through my classes, I’m able to teach people how to use their cameras properly, find the best angles, and choose the right settings so they can take great shots every time. My work has been published in Filey Bay Today magazine, which is a testament to my skill as a photographer.

I use a Nikon D500 camera for most of my wildlife photography and have developed an eye.

Where it Began

My love of photography started when I was very young when I got my first child’s camera, a 110mm film camera where the film cartridge was the main camera body. As I got older my cameras got better, I moved up to a 35mm Olympus point and shoot camera and from there to my first digital camera which was a Fuji Film Fine-pix.

I was at this point just taking little snap shots of things I thought was interesting, and not giving much thought about what I was taking. It was not until I got my first Digital S.L.R (a Nikon D5500) and a trip to RSPB Bempton Cliffs that I saw the wonders of wildlife and wanted to capture it.

Through an acquaintance at the reserve I started to learn more about photography, thus I got my Sigma 150-600mm Contemporary super telephoto lens and getting a lot better pictures, Then eventually moving up to my Nikon D500 which I still use to this day.

Where I was taught

I learned Photography in the beginning manly from magazines and books, but I got most of my knowledge from a good friend who is a professional photographer. He has being invaluable to me and I can not thank him enough.