The 4th day without going out!

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Hi everyone today is the 4th day of the lockdown and the 4th day of this website. I have been working on the mobile version of the site so it looks better and fixing a couple of things. I have also decided to bring down the prices of the downloads in the shop from £15 to £10.

The following image is of a Robin that I took at RSPB Blacktoft Sands about 2 weeks before going on lockdown. I will make the image available in the shop and you will also be able to view a larger image on my Profile page.

Also today I have been doing some much need work in the garden, deadheading and general tidying up, to try and make it look better and for something to do.

If anyone has any suggestions on what they would like to see on the website please let me know and I will consider putting it on but only if it is within keeping of the site.

I must say that not been able to go out has already started to take its toll on me with the weather been so nice because it would have been perfect weather to do some wildlife photography. But I suppose if we weren't on lockdown I would have been at work instead so I still would not have been able to go out. Once the lockdown has been lifted and we can all get back to normal I will be putting a lot more pictures up and also writing about how I got the shot so this blog will get a bit more interesting. Well, I think that is about it for today I will put up another post shortly. So keep well everyone and take care.

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