Northern Gannet Photography


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Course Dates for 2023 for the Northern Gannet Photography

With the course being held near the cliff edge for everyone’s safety I will only be taking TWO people at a time.

Sat.  03-06-23 Their are TWO places available

Sun. 04-06-23 Their are TWO places available

Sat.  17-06-23 Their are TWO places available

Sun. 18-06-23 Their are TWO places available

Sat.  08-07-23 Their are TWO places available

Sun. 09-07-23 Their are TWO places available


Due to walking along the clifftops and being close to the cliff edge space is limited to TWO people per day.

Please read my TERMS & CONDITIONS before purchasing a course

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All our workshops are following the latest COVID 19 GUIDELINES. Please check with the government website for the latest information which can be found here.

Northern Gannet Photography


RSPB Bempton Cliffs is home to the UK’s largest colony of Northern Gannet’s which  is the UK’s Largest Seabird, with a wingspan of 2 meters. The Northern Gannet takes 5 years to reach maturity at which point he/she finds a mate and starts to breed, the Gannet mates for life and can live up to 30 years of age.




The Gannet forage from heights of up to 70 m (230 ft) with no clear preference, and typically dive between 11 and 60 m (35 and 195 ft) and hit the water like an arrow at around 60mph and swim to a depth of 60 meters. They typically eat small fish between 2.5-30 cm in length. Also they are such beautiful birds white with black wing tips and a golden yellow head which make them very photogenic, especially with the light blue around their eyes.


Gannet head shot                   



Course Overview


This course takes place at RSPB Bempton Cliffs, the Address is  Cliff Ln, Bempton, Bridlington YO15 1JF (Parking is free)

This is a full day course which will last approximately 8 hours. If you wish for a shorter length please contact me and we will try to accommodate you because we understand that different people have different requirements.

On this course we will be Looking at equipment needed such as lenses, types of cameras and tripods. Then we will delve into the camera settings such as shutter speed, ISO, and aperture.

Once we have covered the above topics we will start to look at technique and composition.

also we will learn about the Northern Gannet (morus bassanus) like Where do Northern gannets go in winter? What do Northern gannets eat? northern gannet range? and also northern gannet migration.

You will need a camera that has a lens of 300mm minimum as the birds will be some distance away a 150-600mm or an 200-500mm  or grater is ideal.

Their is a lot of walking on this course so you will need a good level of fitness including good footwear. this course will go ahead whatever the weather so you may also need waterproof clothing and a cover for your camera




With the nature of this photography, we can not guarantee that you will see all the birds listed. Also, the course will go ahead whatever the weather so any payment made is non-refundable unless extreme circumstances dictate otherwise and due to our opinion.​

We will not be held responsible for any equipment damage, theft or personal injury while attending the walk participants do so at their own risk!

If you pay a deposit you will be required to pay the remaining balance 48 hours before the day of the course. If you fail to pay the full amount before the day of the course you will lose your deposit and will not be able to attend the course.

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Sat. 03-06-2023, Sun. 04-06-2023, Sat. 17-06-2023, Sun. 18-06-2023, Sat. 08-07-2023, Sun. 09-07-2023

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